Luigi Datome: “Players Come and Go, Fenerbahçe Stays Forever”

A poet who writes poems in a yellow-navy blue jersey, a Fenerbahçe lover who is always with us, an intellectual on the streets of Kadıköy… Gigi Datome, a.k.a "The Painter", who was the fans' lover and one of the important names of our EuroLeague championship between 2015 and 2020, when he wore the Fenerbahçe jersey, answered the questions of Erdi Tiran and Özgün Can from Salon Tribünü.

Pete Williams: “Turkey Is My Second Home”

He gave no respite to his opponents and amazed the fans at Spor Sergi stands with his spectacular dunks within the twelve years he spent in Turkey and the two years with Fenerbahçe. Our former American player Pete Williams, who played for Fenerbahçe between 1987-1989, answered the questions of Baran Arslan and Erdi Tiran from Salon Tribünü. (Translated by Osman Talha Sümer)

Larry Richard: “To Play For Fenerbahce Was Hard To Pass Up”

Lived many years in Turkey and he left a mark in the league within the three seasons he played for Fenerbahce. Gave no respite to his opponents. He became the beloved one of Fenerbahce fans with his fighter spirit, character and friendly attitude. Wearing the Fenerbahce jersey between 1989-1992 and getting his name among the legends, Larry Richard, is the next guest of Baran Arslan and Erdi Tiran from “Salon Tribünü” crew. (Translated by Osman Talha Sümer)

Henry Turner: “I Should Have Stayed With Fener One More Year”

In the second half of the 90s, he brought unforgettable happiness to every basketball lover whose heart beats with the love of Fenerbahçe in Abdi Ipekci Hall stands or on TV. Even today, when his name is mentioned, the eyes of those who watch him live on the court shine. The next guest of "Salon Tribünü" is Henry Turner. Our American legend, who wore our jersey between 1995-1998, answered the questions of Baran Arslan.